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Oxygen "Bars": A New To-Do

This automated day spa provides a complimentary oxygen bar to its customers!
This automated day spa provides a complimentary oxygen bar to its customers!, Meghann Shannon

Although somewhat controversial, oxygen bars have been popping up everywhere, especially in the last couple of years.

I recently visited my first oxygen bar and decided to do a little research. To be exact, I actually visited a local automated day spa, called Slim & Tan (, that provides its customers with an oxygen bar (free of charge with membership!) This automated day spa provides a wide array of services - not just the oxygen bar; however, I do enjoy relaxing before or after a service there. Visit the website listed above for more information, or call (786) 235-9004 for more information.

I've compiled my knowledge into this article to provide you with the latest news regarding this topic, as well as an overview so you can then have the tools to decide for yourself if this is something you might want to incorporate into your lifestyle or at least give a try!

Normally, our lungs are used to an atmosphere of around 20.9% oxygen. These oxygen bars provide you with a small tube hooked up to a device that emits (usually) around 90% oxygen. Although it varies, depending upon location, most establishments charge around $1 per minute to use the machine.

Here are some advantages that oxygen bars claim to provide to consumers:

  • enhances one's overall sense of well being
  • improves one's immune system
  • potential to lessen a hangover
  • aids in the management of headaches
  • lessens sinus problems in some individuals

Oxygen can remove toxins. That is the bottom line. With that in mind, you can imagine why some people are such strong advocates of oxygen bars. The more oxygen the better? Maybe. Maybe not. Most facilities cap the time allowed to breathe in the oxygen they provide (20-30 minutes).

The only time I would strongly discourage even trying this new health trend, is if you have certain respiratory disorders (e.g., emphysema). Too much oxygen can cause a person with emphysema to stop breathing, according to

If you do not have any serious health issues that would interfere with the benefits these oxygen bars can potentially give, then I would highly advise you visit one to experience it for yourself! In other words, next time you head to your local bar for happy hour, head to a local oxygen bar, instead!

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, check out:

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