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Oxley, the ivy league of gin


One of the unique things about gin drinkers, as opposed to vodka drinkers, is that they always order their gin by brand. Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray 10 have led the revolution for premium flavor and prestige for quite some time. Hendricks, however, has positioned itself lately as a new favorite. Its hints of cucumber add a refreshing appeal to the botanicals that swirl in your dry martini. In fact, cucumber is one of the most requested garnishes for this cocktail. The newest contender for the top spot and a luxurious parallel is Oxley “Classic English” dry gin. Those fortunate enough to be able to find this in their favorite establishment can bear witness to its intense smooth qualities among the vibrant flavors expressed through the botanicals within. Incredibly versatile, it can be especially fragrant with a splash of dry vermouth and big bold queen olives (blue cheese or garlic stuffed add some class). The oils in fruits such as fresh lemons or orange twists really enhance the bright flavors of this gin. If you are a cucumber fan, the crispness of the gin will elevate your tastebuds. Don’t believe the hype?? Taste test for yourself.

A few recipes to get you started

The Sophisticate
2oz Oxley Gin
splash of lillet blanc
stir contents, strain into a martini
garnish with one cocktail onion, one olive

Gin Rickey
1.5oz Oxley Gin
Fresh squeezed lime
In a rocks glass, top with soda
Garnish with a lime


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