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Owosso Middle School Student Suspened Over "Death Note"

The cover of a Death Note.
The cover of a Death Note.

  Yesterday, it was reported that a 14 year old student from Owosso Middle School was suspended indefinitely after another student found his "Death Note" notebook. The notebook contained two students' names and times. However, the times listed in the notebook had already passed, and nothing had happened to them.

  The student who found the "Death Note" gave it to a teacher, who handed it over to school administrators on Tuesday. The principal and police both believe that no student was actually in danger.

  There are at least five previous incidents of students getting suspended or expelled over possession of "Death Notes" in the United States, but no one was harmed in these incidents. Also, a Washington state Librarians group nominated the Death Note Manga series for a young adult's book award.

  In the Death Note manga, Anime, and live-action films, a teen possesses a Death Note and uses it to put to death those he claims are "evil".