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OwnPhones: fancy 3D printed wireless earbuds that fit your own ears


If you’re a silent dweller like me, you would understand how annoying and hellish it is when you’re forced to stay at a noisy place. No matter how hard you try to ignore the irritating sounds, they would still pass through your earphones and infiltrate your ears. But perhaps soon enough we no longer have to switch to a foreign language soccer broadcast to zone out, because a new design of earbuds called OwnPhones is supposed to be available next year. It’s wireless, customized to your ears, and comes with “soundscaping” feature that diminishes environmental buzzes.

Itamar Jobani, founder and CEO of OwnPhones, states in the introduction video that their goal is to make “the best personalized wireless earphones fitted for everyone.” Since no two pairs of ears are identical, each customer will be asked to upload a short video of his or her ears, so that the OwnPhones servers can compare the scan to common ear shapes, then 3D print a pair of earbuds according to the anatomy of the user’s ears.

So what exactly is 3D printing? It’s in fact a technology for producing three-dimensional objects from their models by using an industrial robot to lay down the required layers of materials. Widely welcomed in art and design industries, pioneering artists can now use online 3D printing service like PrintaBit to make their creations reality, then sell their artworks to enthusiastic collectors through or other virtual galleries. And when this innovative technology is introduced to OwnPhones, the entire idea sounds appealing to the crowd as well; at the moment, the OwnPhones Kickstarter project has already received a funding of more than $270,000, which has already exceeded their goal of $250,000.

Since Jobani himself is an artist, the OwnPhones will not look as dull and heavy as the current headset models on the market. By offering various combinations of funky designs and metallic plating, such as bronze Greek wings, silver skull and golden tentacles that resemble Cthulhu, the OwnPhones Jewelry Collection is prepared to become the next trend of stylish tech accessories. Customers can even join the Brand Designer Program to create their very own designs, and put their works for sale on the OwnPhones official online store.

Config wise, each pair of OwnPhones is expected to be built with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, internal mic and speaker for phone calls, a micro USB charging port, and is fully compatible with iPhone 4S and up, Android and Windows phones with LE hardware. With a battery life of 4 to 5 hours when using advanced soundscaping, a perfect quiet afternoon without any external noises should be guaranteed. And since the OwnPhones are claimed to be sweat-proof, the stylish earbuds can also be worn to workout routines. Sounds good? I think so.