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Owning parrots on a budget

With more, and more people looking to help shave a few nickles off their monthly budget, pets are becomming an even bigger luxury. Keeping a happy bird in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex isn't as hard as you may think. We have many pet stores in the area, plus bird specific shops as well.

One of the things that can help keep your budget on track is buying bird food in bulk. Check around at local shops such as treetop, and pet-o-rama to see if they sell seed mixes, and pellets by the pound. Pet-o-rama in keller carries zupreen, roudy bush, and higgins at by the pound prices. Russell Feed in Haltom city also carries zupreem, and many different canary, finch and game feeds at by the pound and bulk prices. You'll find that This can easily save you close to 50% on basic food expenses.

Another tip, is to use frozen vegetables instead of fresh ones for your bird. This is cheaper, they keep longer and typically have more nutrients in them. Always keep a nose out for deals at your local feed stores, and pet shops. Usually you'll find more deals than at a chain store.


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