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Owning our power and the shadow teachers

Seek the Inner Temple
Seek the Inner Temple

Don't hand over your Power, chances are...whoever and whatever you give it to, will take it.

I just saw a video with a healer who seems "to make his clients/patients faint and swoon." While I believe there are many ways of healing and many modes and paths to releasing and healing, I can't help but feel that this is unnecessary.

I know this happens in different churches as well but I feel that in a professional healing setting it feels like a "show of power." Reiki works and there is no hoopla. Hypnosis and prayer works even without these dramatic SHOWS. I am a trained advanced clinical hypnotherapist and I know how to do that swooning, fainting thing. I also know how to use convincers so your arm shakes uncontrollably and so you will faint into the arms of an assistant…I don't use it, why? because I don't want to continue the path where people trade ONE POWER OVER SCENARIO FOR ANOTHER.

You don't need the drama, charades, or a technicolor dream coat to demonstrate miracles. Buddha, Jesus, Mother Teresa and so many others did not GRANDSTAND. When Jesus was said to raise people from the dead, create wine and food, walk on water and he also was supposed to have said," you can do this as well."

I've seen many grandstand in my day. I started in my teens to seek out community and teachers. I've seen ( in the 90s) well known underground healers charge thousands for ayahuasca ceremonies and laugh with their friends, " I don't even know what I'm sharing with these people! They buy it anyway!"

That same healer became the toast of the town, all the Victoria's Secrets models were at this office as were famous Upper Eastsiders and world renown fashion designers, yes Vogue and so much more.

I'm sure people thought it all seemed insane or that it was out there, but the EMPEROR DOTH NOT WEAR ANY CLOTHES phenomena that comes along with the trendy and the FABULOUS was in place and working it's magic!

As a leader, guide, oracle and healer, it's easy to abuse people who are seeking you out. It's easy to build yourself up and show yourself to the best to your ability and take the power that others offer.

This is something that always turns my stomach. I've handed my power over to a Guide before because I thought," who am I to know at 22?" I deferred to another instead. I was not met with wisdom or kindness rather ruthlessness. I learned and would never pass on that pain. I am grateful for my journey and I truly learned a great lesson.

Much like the coups that unfolded in Latin America, replacing one bad government with another, we often insert one "power over" situation over another…WHY?

The fact is that owning your power and acting from a place from alignment with your Soul can be scary on Earth School. We hold in our memories, our blood and in our bones, DNA of of fear of visibility, fear of being heard and seen. SO when you see a teacher, coach or guide that shines brightly remember that they are SHINING BACK A REFLECTION OF YOU. We are all mirrors.

The truth is that we often go through a phase in our spiritual path where we are the servant to a Shadow teacher/guide/boss/partner. We PROJECT our own unlimited potential and power on another. They take it on until we have had enough and sometimes, many times people fall into a pattern where they always get into these relationships.

Abuse comes in so many forms. From manipulation, sexual exploitation, to keeping you around as a source of inspiration and ideas and literally energetic draining. The path to leadership, visibility and any sort of impact in the world has always been supported with the reasons for desire for power.

This combination allows us to see our own shadows and allows for us to STEP UP and draw boundaries. When we are enthralled by someone or something that is about abusing and manipulating power, we are in deep training. How long it lasts, is up to YOU.

Remember WHO YOU ARE. If someone tells you, you will never het anywhere without them…run. Not true. There are a million ways to heal, learn and flourish.

If the exchange is your silence, your body, mind our SPirit. Run my dears.

IF you stay, learn, Learn and step up to OWN your own SPirit in this training!

Dare to look beyond the drama that some present. Dare to question. Dare to ask yourself why is this person needing so many fireworks, when the truth is deeper and more beautiful than anything you could machinate.

Yes, true power resides within. Learning how to access it is KEY.
Seek your INNER TEMPLE as in KNOW THYSELF. It was on the Temple of APollo for a reason! Meet your Soul and know EVERYTHING IS A LESSON AND A REFLECTION THAT ASKS FOR YOUR GROWTH, LOVE AND EXPANSION.

Blessed be, V

© VCC The Daily Oracle 8/17/14

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