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Owning a pet can enhance one’s happiness

Lord Beetlejuice Burton is a happy indoor cat.
Personal email 2014/Torie Osborn

Oklahomans in general are pro pets. Many Oklahomans love their dog, cat, or horse. American Kennel Club and Roundup Club are popular in the Sooner State. Numerous Oklahomans have participated in dog or cat rescues. If a neighbor notices a pet wandering, they usually assist the animal in finding their way home.

There are Oklahoman police force K-9 units. Usually they are the standard German Shepherd type of police dog and assist in narcotic busts. Oklahomans appreciate both dog and man working together; feel safer with both K-9 and regular policemen units protecting their city and county.

There are Oklahomans who view their pets as part of the family. They spend a little extra on the Organic pet foods in order to promote their pet’s well-being. They ensure their pet has regular wellness checks with the Veterinarian, and keeps their animal family member well groomed. These sage pet owners know a healthy and clean pet makes for a happier home environment. They go out of their way to ensure their pet lacks for naught; especially when health is at stake.

A common Oklahoman pet is the cat. Many Oklahomans like having cats around because it keeps the mice population out of the barn or home. Many barn cats are treated very well, and enjoy living in the barn with the horses and other farm animals. They are very independent cats, but do enjoy an occasional petting. A local Mustang farmer upon being interviewed said he preferred having his barn cat because she protected the barn from raccoons and other type of indigenous wild animals by howling very loudly if one tried to enter the barn.

Many single Oklahoman indoor cat and dog owners claim they keep a pet to stop feeling lonely, especially at night. They claim their pets make great companions. Cats and dogs are great for alerting their masters if someone comes to the door, or if something is wrong. A dog's keener sense of hearing and smell makes them great service animals for the blind and hearing impaired.

Whether a pet serves a functional purpose like a service animal and ranch horses, or are around for companionship, animals have become an important integral part of the Oklahoman life style. Oklahoman children usually grow up with a pet, learn how to feed, water and care for them. Some Oklahomans have admitted to family and friends that they feel happier having pets.

It does not matter if Oklahomans live in a rural, suburb or city setting. Oklahoman pet owners are renowned for sharing how blessed and happy they are for having one or more pets. Most Oklahoman pet owners have pet stories to share, usually humorous. They cannot imagine their life without their beloved animal. Enjoy the day!

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