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Owner wants Arcadia dog who was doused with kerosene and lit on fire back home

Hope is making a remarkable recovery.
Hardee Animal Rescue Team

Named Hope by her rescuers, the one-year-old Sharpei mix who was discovered by children in Arcadia, Fla. rolling on the ground trying to put out the fire burning her coat and fur, is currently undergoing laser therapy in Tampa and stated to be improving, reported the Hardee Animal Rescue Team on Friday.

Just last week, children from the neighborhood told their parents and neighbors they had seen a man throw a lit cigarette onto the dog after dousing the defenseless animals with kerosene.

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There have been no arrests for the cruelty inflicted upon Hope, although the Arcadia Police Department, the State Fire Marshall, and the State Attorney's Office have been continuing their investigation.

According to, however, the alleged owner of Hope wants his dog to come home. A friend of the dog's owner told media, that even though the owner suffers from Alzheimer's, he would never hurt his dog. At this time, the owner doesn't understand why his dog isn't home.

The dog's owner, Larry Wallace, claims he has no idea what happened to his dog he calls 'Queenie-Belle.'

And then another twist to the story occurred on Friday when a man called the Hardee Animal Rescue Team and claimed Hope to be his dog:

"So....there seems to be a new player in the "Hope Saga". Apparently a guy name Dimitri Washington called HART yesterday and said HE is the owner of the dog we call Hope. He states he is a 3Xs war veteran and she is his dog and he wants her back. He didn't ask about how she was doing or did he say why it took a full week to come forward with this information. He did make mention about the money we had raised for her medical bills, though!
We don't know what his relationship is to the man that originally claimed to be her owner but we are sure to find out soon. Will keep you all posted."

In the meantime, however, Hope is slowly recovering and is now eating solid foods. Perhaps the best sign of her recovery was stated in the following words:

"She has a lot of loving experts putting their minds together to help her every step of the way. She is a fighter; she's still shaking her body and wagging her tail like a normal dog would when she goes outside. She's amazing! Will update as we know more."

If you would like to help with Hope's recovery, please click here for more information.

Get well soon Hope. Everyone is rooting for you!

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