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Owner surrendered puppies have just a few days to be adopted

Three pups due out July 2
Three pups due out July 2
Clarendon County Animal Control

On June 26, three impossibly cute puppies were surrendered to the Clarendon County Animal Control facility in Manning, S.C.

Three puppies in need of a new home
Clarendon County Animal Control FB Page

Whether the puppies were the result of an unplanned pregnancy, or someone's attempt to make some money, is a mystery - what is known is that the puppies have just a few days - until July 2 to be exact - to leave the animal control facility.

After the puppies arrived to the facility, the Facebook page for the animal control agency posted the following information to their page:

At Clarendon County Animal Control in Manning SC, in Pen 9: ID#062514-5,6,7. Two females, 1 male, owner surrender. Don't know the mix; they have a lot of skin to grow into and will probably be big dogs! Might be about 6 weeks. Time will be up July 2nd.

According to the animal control Facebook page, though the kill rate at the facility is minimal, the rescue agencies in the area can only handle so much...with a constant influx of unwanted animals, the rescue organizations that partner with them are not always able to assist.

These sheltered puppies are beautiful and they appear to be healthy - what they need are loving, safe homes with committed guardians who are willing and able to provide them with a "forever" family.

Please take a moment to network the information for these gorgeous pups:

  • Facebook thread for puppies here
  • Animal control Facebook page here
  • ID#062514-5,6,7
  • Adopters - please call the AC office at 803-473-7101 during business hours. If you are a rescue organization interested in pulling a dog from AC, please contact the Rescue Coordinator for information at 803-473-7075.
  • Please direct all inquiries about the puppies directly to the animal control facility

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