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Owner surrendered dog too frightened to move at Kentucky animal control

Tammie Crawford

Update 6/22/14: Thanks to the huge outpouring of support, Russell has been saved! The other six dogs who were surrendered by the same individual remain in grave danger. Click here to read about the dogs who are still in need.

Since the moment that Russell was surrendered to the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Carrollton, Ky., he has been too frightened to move.

Russell was one of seven dogs surrendered by the same individual...all of the dogs are in need of new homes, but Russell is taking the sudden life change the worst. According to the director of animal support for the facility, Russell is too frightened to be evaluated for his true behavior - he literally will not move away from the corner of his kennel run where he is attempting to hide.

Russell's paralyzing fear makes his true personality a great unknown...whether he is fearful by nature, or a friendly, playful dog who loves to chase after balls, is a complete mystery.

As of Saturday morning, there was no one who had expressed an interest in rescuing, or adopting, Russell. Unfortunately, the facility where Russell is currently housed is in a rural area, with little foot traffic. As such, the facility has a low adoption rate and Russell is in grave danger of losing his life.

Please take a moment to network on Russell's behalf - he is relying on the kindness of strangers who are willing to take a moment to help save his life.

Anyone with questions or who can possibly help this terrified dog, is asked to email:

Or, reach out to a volunteer at 502-732-6040, if no one answers please leave a message with the name of the dog you are interested in and your phone number.

Facebook thread for Russell here.

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