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Owner reunited with dog after 8 years: From Memphis to Phoenix Fatcat is home

Lashena Harris, Fatcat and the volunteer who drove the dog from Memphis to Phoenix to be reunited.
Lashena Harris, Fatcat and the volunteer who drove the dog from Memphis to Phoenix to be reunited.
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An English bulldog named "Fatcat" has been reunited with her owner after eight years and a 1400 mile trip from Memphis, Tennessee to Phoenix, Arizona reports

“It was complete shock, ” Lashena Harris, the dog's owner, told the Fox reporter. “I just never thought I would see her again.”

If Fatcat could talk, she would tell Harris about the very difficult life she has had since she was stolen from her yard six years ago when she was only two.

"While she was being groomed I purchased her a new collar so upon our return home I placed her in my backyard and ran in the house to grab it (3 mins to be exact). I came outside and there I saw a truck speeding off.....Fatcat was gone," stated Harris. "Someone from the groomer had set me up..."

Harris made flyers, called the police and cried for weeks, but her dog was never found.

And eight years later, a Memphis couple found her at a dump and brought her to a shelter in West Memphis where her microchip identified the dog and her owner.

Apparently Fatcat had been used for breeding. White bulldogs are very rare and purebred puppies can fetch thousands of dollars each. Being a breeding machine for the last eight years has, however taken its toll on poor Fatcat. She now suffers from tumors, is heartworm positive and has advanced periodontal disease.

Getting the dog back to her owner 1400 miles away also turned out to be a miracle. Because of the dog's size, she couldn't be transported inside of a plane's cabin, and crating her and putting her in the cargo area might prove to be too much stress for a dog in Fatcat's weakened condition. And then another miracle occurred when a shelter volunteer had been relocating to Scottsdale and offered to drive the dog home.

The two were reunited on Thursday evening. Harris rubbed the dog's ears and immediately Fatcat rolled over for a belly scratch. According to, Harris stated:

"I stopped in the driveway entrance of the lot and ran over to her. I can't really put into words the feelings because I just kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I never thought I would see her again — in came the tears and boo-hooing."

Harris faces thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills as a result of the years of neglect suffered by Fatcat. She has set up a GoFundMe account if anyone would like to help. For now, the dog is relaxing with the other family canine - a little Shih tzu.

Welcome home Fatcat.

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