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Owner outraged after Hammond, Indiana police dog shooting witnessed by kids

Lilly, shot by police
Fox Chicago News

A family dog is recovering after being shot by a member of the Hammond Indiana police department. Norma Maldonada told her story on the Fox Chicago Facebook page June 9.

The incident occurred the afternoon of June 9 at Norma's Jackson home when police were responding to a loose pit bull complaint call at a yard that wasn't fenced in.

Norma uses an electric fence to contain Lilly. Norma says she has a sign and flags in her front yard warning up to what point Lilly can reach, which is the middle of the yard.

Lilly, a pit bull was on the side of Norma’s home with her two sons, ages 7 and 11. Norma's daughter, who is 16 and her youngest boy, less than a year old, were standing behind the daughter when Hammond, Indiana police arrived.

According to Norma, the police officer jumped out of his vehicle and shot Lilly in the face. Her children, as well as the neighbors witnessed the shooting.

Lilly is undergoing surgery for her injury. Norma is enraged, to say the least. Not only because Lilly was shot, but because two young children, a teen and a toddler saw it all.

What would have happened if one of them had been struck by a bullet?

On her Facebook page, Norma posted

"She never attacked him, she was following my son and stepson trying to eat there hotdog and the piece of s**t rolled up, didn't say a word, and shot her in front of the kids. My daughter and baby were standing 15 feet directly behind her! Any of them could of been hit. I'm devastated."

The children are traumatized, and Norma said she had a difficult time getting them to sleep last night.

"Smh... I'm in shock can't believe this actually is happening!"

It’s unfortunate Norma had to learn the hard way of the epidemic of police shooting family dogs. This dog was shot on her own property, with signs clearly marking she was in an electrified fence.

The truth is, police shoot dogs on a daily basis. According to Puppycide Kickstarter, a dog is shot by police every 98 minutes. They’re shot in their own home, in their own yard, fenced-in, retreating or for wagging a tail in greeting.

The following report tells the Hammond Police Department version of the shooting.

Hammond Canine Incident of 6-9-2014

"At 3:11 PM yesterday, the HPD received a complaint of a loose pitbull at the location of 6533 Jackson, a home with no fenced front yard. The responding officer arrived at the scene and observed a sign on the property marked "invisible fence". The officer also observed the front door to the property wide open with loud music coming from the backyard.

The responding officer noticed people in the backyard of said address and he summoned them to come to the front yard. After summoning the family to the front yard, the officer reported that an American Bulldog sprinted from the back of the house to the front yard and charged at the HPD officer. The officer retreated around 20' in the hopes that the invisible fence would keep the dog in the front yard, it did not affect the dog whatsoever.

The dog lunged at the HPD officer in attack mode. The officer acted appropriately in that situation and discharged his weapon at the attacking animal. The Bulldog was hit with a single shot in the muzzle. The officer escaped the attack unharmed."

For those of you who don't remember, this is the same police department critisized last month for holding a K-9 officer off the ground and beating his partner with a leash. That act went unpunished, and was reported here.

Please keep Lilly, Norma and her traumatized family and neighbors in your thoughts.

Norma, be sure to take plenty of photos of Lilly, your property, and the children who witnessed the shooting.

Note: The photo was too graphic to be shown in it's original condition. Most of the injury had to be mosiaced out for Examiner readers.

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