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Owner of tortured dog files lawsuit against Texas veterinarian

Dr. Lou Tierce
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According to Monday's WFAA News, the Fort Worth, Texas, veterinarian whose clinic was raided by the authorities in late April, is facing a lawsuit from one dog owner who alleges that her dog suffered and was tortured while in his care.

Kimberly Davis, who owned a 12-year-old Chihuahua named "Hercules," claims that Dr. Lou Tierce, 71, of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, kept her dog alive for several months after she requested for the dog to be humanely euthanzied.

Davis alleges that Dr. Tierce offered to conduct experimental treatment on the ailing dog, who had stopped eating and drinking, and who was having trouble standing; Davis stated that she agreed in an effort to save her dog's life.

Weeks after Davis gave consent, following reassuring updates from Dr. Tierce, she claims that she visited the clinic and was "horrified" at the condition of her dog.

In the lawsuit, the dog's condition at that time is described:

Hercules was lying in a small cage, unresponsive, his eyes were rolled back in his head, and he was covered with feces and urine,"

"Dr. Tierce told [Davis] at the time that Hercules had 'taken a turn for the worse.'"

Seeing the dog's deteriorated health, Davis contends that she requested for Hercules to be humanely put down and alleges that she signed the forms necessary to make that happen. Months later, following the April 29 raid, the authorities notified Davis that Hercules had been found and that he was still alive.

After the dog was seized in the raid, he was taken to two other veterinarians who advised that he should be euthanized.

Davis alleges that she was contacted by a former veterinary clinic employee who informed her that the dog had been treated terribly at the veterinary hospital - and that the veterinarian had performed experiments on him.

The former employee allegedly told Davis that the elderly dog had been,

"kept under a heat lamp so long his eyeballs had dried up," and "was so dehydrated that a towel would stick to his tongue."

Hercules was one of three dogs who were seized during the raid by authorities. Following the raid, Dr. Tierce's veterinary license, which he had held since 1966, was suspended.

Owners of another dog who was found at Tierce's clinic have also filed a lawsuit against the veterinarian - Jamie and Marian Harris, who had requested that their dog, "Sid," be euthanized, also found out that the dog had been kept alive and that he was allegedly used for blood transfusions. The couple filed a $1 million dollar lawsuit against Tierce.

Hercules' owner's lawsuit against Tierce seeks damages in excess of $1 million.

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