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Owner of most emaciated dog experts have seen walks away with slap on wrist

Humane supporters were "devastated" that the owner of Fly received no jail time for the egregious neglect of his senior dog.
Daily Star

The severely emaciated 15-year-old dog who belonged to David Lowe of Trentham Ave., Farnworth, Bolton, in Great Manchester England, was found lying in her bed in the kitchen too weak to even raise her head. Authorities called her a "skeleton."

Veterinarian Angus McKenzie testified that Fly was the most emaciated dog he had ever seen in his 30 years of practice. Experts rated the dog's physical condition a "0" on a scale of "1 to 5." In addition, the tan terrier also had severe dental disease, diabetes, and overgrown nails; all manageable conditions that could have been easily treated and given the dog a longer life.

Lowe let Fly suffer.

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After Fly's photo was posted last October, her story went viral. Humane animal activists and pet owners internationally petitioned for prison time for Lowe for the abuse and neglect inflicted upon Fly.

On Friday, according to the uk., Lowe was sentenced to 12-weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months and given a lifetime ban from owning or keeping an animal. He was also fined $1,800 costs to be paid over the next two years and given an 18 month supervision order.

Protesters outside of the courtroom were angry that Lowe got off with such a light sentence. According to defense attorneys, Lowe's excuse was that he was too scared to take Fly to the vet for fear the vet would tell him to put his dog to sleep. Lowe also suffers from post traumatic stress.

Lorraine Edwards, owner of Loz's Lurcher Rescue, stated

"We're bitterly disappointed that he did not get a custodial sentence. This is a new example of courts being lenient in animal cruelty cases. We will be starting a petition to show the world that we are not happy."

Fly's condition was so poor that veterinarians decided to humanely euthanize her.

Rest in peace Fly.

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