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Owner of ‘I need a home’ dog found: Dog dumped, scared, written on with marker

Abandoned dog with "Free" and Need Good Home" written on his fur in magic marker is home.

The owner of the dog that was found with the words “Free” and “I Need a Home” written on it in permanent marker has been located. This poor dog was found by a woman tied to a tree, whimpering, shaking and looking scared. Someone had used a black magic marker to write those words right on the dog’s fur, according to NBC News on July 11.

Shannon Bettencourt, a local bartender in Benicia, California, found the dog, untied her and took her home. She thought that the dog was too well trained for someone to just dump it off like they did. She started a search for the dog’s owner. She had already named the dog “Libby” for liberty because she freed the dog from the tree the day before the Fourth of July.

Bettencourt was planning to adopt Libby if she couldn’t find the owner. The first night she brought the dog home he slept on her bed with her head on Bettencourt’s stomach, she needed some love and care. The dog made headlines after someone was so cruel as to write on the dog and to abandon her like they did. Luckily it was a news story because sixty miles away in Yolo County, a woman saw that this was her missing dog.

The unnamed owner drove to Benica Police Department on Wednesday to claim her dog, who went missing from her backyard, according to Yahoo News. She was happy to see her old friend once again.

At first the authorities were looking for the owner to press charges of animal cruelty, but when they spoke with the owner, they realized she is not the one who did this to the dog. The woman said her dog had escaped from her backyard and she had no idea how her beloved pet made it to Benica, which is a 60 mile trek.

The woman was able to provide her vet records and pictures of the dog as proof of ownership. Benicia Police Lt. Michael Greene said that they “don’t believe the owner had any involvement in abandoning the dog in our city.” The owner is working with The Yolo Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit to determine how the dog went missing.

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