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Owner of dog shot by police refuses settlement, wants apology and policy changes

Geist, killed by Salt Lake City police
Facebook; Justice for Geist

According to a July 29 article by Fox13 Now, the owner of a dog shot and killed by police has rejected a generous settlement for his dogs death.

Geist, who was covered in this Examiner article, was shot while Salt Lake Police hunted for a missing child on June 18. Officer Brett Olson entered the yard of Sean Kendall, where he shot the 2-year-old Weimeraner, whom Kendall felt threatened by.

Sean says he'd rather a public apology and for the department to adopt "non lethal policy change." As of yet, no disciplinary action has been taken against officer Olson, nor has any change in policy been put into place. In an statement made on the Facebook: Justice for Geist page, Sean stated

“SLCPD has offered a generous settlement as compensation for the loss of Geist. However, there has been no disciplinary action taken against Brett Olson (sic) or action regarding policy change and training. I believe this is an attempt to placate me and buy me off. I would rather a public apology and non lethal policy change than any amount of money.”

Sean is also upset with the way Chief Chris Burbank handled the aftermath of his dogs death, calling a demeaning and aggressive press conference.

Burbank released the following statement to news media

“As a public agency negotiating in good faith through proper channels, we were disappointed in today’s outcome. Due to Mr. Kendall’s premature Facebook posts and desire to negotiate through the press, the police department has ended our attempts to meet his financial demands. To clarify, this was his request for a settlement, not our offer. We continue to press ahead with our internal process and expect to conclude our investigation this week. The department reserves further comment until that time.”

A recent post on the Justice for Geist page summed up the tragedy and the way most of us feel on the despicable act of police shooting family dogs.

"Fellow Americans, today Sean has made a great judgment call. Sean has made it very clear that he is in this fight till the end by refusing to a monetary settlement which would result in the ability of the Chief to hide the investigation results from the public! Sean needs the continued support from everyone, please let Sean know how much we deeply appreciate him! The Justice for Geist movement will not be bought. The thousands of people that make up this group are what make this group so great. Today we saw Sean and this movement become more powerful than the Police Chief and his terrible policy and procedures which resulted in the death of Geist."

You're a good man, Sean. Personally, I'd hit the officer, the Salt Lake Police Department, and the city for every penny I could get out of them. Maybe that would push for non-lethal changes faster than anything else.

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