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Owner of chihuahua charged with cruelty after dragging dog from his car

Poor little Roxy suffered serious injuries after being dragged by a car. There has been no update on her condition.
Monmouth County SPCA/Victor 'Buddy' Amato

Keith Guastamacchia, of Middletown, N.J. was arrested and charged with animal cruelty late Friday night after a police officer spotted a tiny dog being dragged by a car on Route 36 and Miller Street reported the Asbury Park Press.

According to Guastamacchia, he had pulled over to let his dog urinate and had tied the dog named Roxy to the side of his car. During that time, Guastamachhia told authorities he became engaged in an argument with the person on the phone and forgot all about one-year-old Roxy being tethered to the car.

When he left, Roxy was dragged by his car.

Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals director, Victor 'Buddy' Amato praised the officer who stopped Guastamacchia for saving the little dog's life:

The pup was saved after the officer saw the car with the dog in tow behind it and pulled it over. The actions of the alert officer, no doubt, saved the dog’s life.”

Guastamacchia was arrested and released. The dog has been taken to a veterinary hospital and is suffering from serious injuries.

"I think this man should have been walking his dog; not leaving her tied to the bumper or side of the car. How in the world is that supposed to be suitable for a little dog to urinate or even defecate? This is beyond crazy, and I hope, if this truly was an accident, this man learned a lesson," stated Beth Parks, an vet technician from Austin, Texas.

We hope you recover Roxy.

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