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Owner of abandoned dog with 'Free' and 'I need a home' comes forward

The owner of Libby has come forward. She told authorities her dog had escaped from her yard. No one has figured out how Libby was found 60 miles south of her home.
The owner of Libby has come forward. She told authorities her dog had escaped from her yard. No one has figured out how Libby was found 60 miles south of her home.

The adorable dog who captured everyone's heart may not have been neglected or thrown away as originally thought reports Thursday's

The owner of the young, light brown dog who shivered with fear and cried after an unknown person tied her to a tree outside of a Chinese restaurant last Thursday in Benica, Calif., with the words "free" written in black magic marker across her body, and "I need a home" written on her forehead, arrived in Benicia to claim her dog, stating the dog had escaped from her yard and had been lost.

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According to police, the unidentified woman showed up with photographs of her dog, vaccination records, and even witnesses to prove she was the rightful owner.

Shannon Bettencourt, who found the dog and took her home had named the dog Libby; short for Liberty because she was rescued on the July 4th holiday, has already bonded with her newest family member. Shannon had plans to adopt the well-mannered dog this week.

Authorities do not believe the real owner of the dog had anything to do with the abandonment nor the magic marker words scrawled across her body. They are now investigating how the dog managed to be 60 miles away from her home.

Shannon, however is understandably extremely upset about the way Libby was removed from her home. Shannon wasn't even allowed to meet the original owner and does have her own doubts about the validity of the owner's story. On Shannon Bettencourt's Facebook, she expressed her confusion:

"According to Darlene from Benicia Animal Control, the lady stated her boyfriend (from Benicia) stole her dog out of spite and abandoned her. When I asked Darlene when she was going to follow up and meet with him, she simply stated she wasn't going to."

And then came her last moments with Libby:

"They showed up, Libby barked at them and put up a little of a fight while they wrapped her leash around her face and put her in a kennel in the truck. They took off and that was that. All she was able to do was show me pictures of Libby with the owners and family. It would have been nice to meet the owner. I would have felt more comfortable releasing a dog that I loved and took such great care of this past week, if I would have been able to meet the original owners. I don't know if her boyfriend abandoned her or what happened. All I know is Libby was ripped away from me with NO justice and NO questions asked and NOTHING is being done to try and get justice."

Thank you for being her hero Shannon Bettencourt. You are one special person.

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