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Owner mourns the death of her Labrador retriever shot by York County deputy

Rest in peace sweet Scarlett. The 9-year-old Lab was shot to death last week at her home while tethered.
Rest in peace sweet Scarlett. The 9-year-old Lab was shot to death last week at her home while tethered.
Alice Renee McGlone

Scarlett, the nine-year-old yellow Labrador retriever owned by Alice Renee McGlone, shot and killed by South Carolina York County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jonathan Reed, last week is profoundly missed by the family including two cats named Tara and Rhett Butler.

According to, the gentle dog, known to play with the neighborhood children, met her tragic fate last week when the owner's daughter called authorities to check on Alice. When Deputy Reed arrived at Alice's home on Clara Street in Rock Hill, there were no cars in the driveway, and no one answered the door.

As the deputy continued to investigate, he went to the rear of the house. At that moment Deputy Reed stated he saw the dog "charging and snarling with bared teeth."

Scarlett was actually tethered to a run between two secure poles. According to Alice, the dog was even friendly to strangers.

Deputy Reed's report stated he knew the dog was tethered, but as Reed attempted to retreat, he knew the dog could overcome him, so he shot Scarlett in the head - killing her. The deputy also reported he did not yell to the dog to stop nor did he have the time to use any deterrent to stop her.

One day later, Alice's neighbor helped her to bury Scarlett; they were the best of friends. Alice rescued Scarlett when the pup was only six-weeks-old; the cats were saved at the same time.

Alice's neighbor stated that the deputy should have known there was a dog in the yard; a dog house sat in the rear of the property.

The York County Sheriff's Office has reviewed the case and stated it was a justified shooting as the deputy was in fear for his safety.

"I think these shootings happen way too often," stated Meghan Campbell of Philadelphia. "I keep reading time after time about dogs that are completely innocent being shot and killed. I think Scarlett had every right to protect her home. The deputy should have been looking around before he went wandering. Sorry, but I think the deputy is responsible for the death of an innocent dog."

Rest in peace Scarlett.

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