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Owner is caught in shocking video kicking and throwing puppy down

A puppy about this size was abused/Not puppy from story.
A puppy about this size was abused/Not puppy from story.
Craig Ralton/Wikimedia Public Domain

A young man living in England was caught on video by a concerned neighbor as he was seen abusing the puppy in his care. The 13-week-old pooch yelped as his owner threw him down on the hard ground, as heard in the video that was posted by the Huffington Post on March 6. The scene is hard to watch.

The 23-year-old man, Liam Backhouse, came out of his house as the pup named Dudley scattered away. The man then picked the bull terrier up and threw him on the ground like a piece of trash. Dudley seemed to have a small hiding spot as Backhouse looks like he has to pull the pup out.

The Brit grabs him once again and puts him down, and then proceeds to kick the dog for no apparent reason, other than being cruel. The worst part is hearing the small canine yelping in pain, especially when the animal abuser decided to squeeze the defenseless pooch in the door really hard.

This all happened back in November and was said to have lasted a full hour. After seeing the dog being abused, authorities went in to investigate and found Dudley with bruises on his small body and also limping from the attack. Backhouse was charged and convicted of animal abuse. He was sentenced to 80 days in jail and is not able to own an animal for seven years.

Dudley is okay but he was quite timid and not very trusting the first few weeks. Thankfully, one of the inspectors from the RSPCA adopted the dog and he is now a happy canine.

"When we lifted him up initially, he would just go absolutely rigid, and his legs would stick out as if waiting for something to happen," Chris Towler told ITV News. "It took probably about two to three weeks of gently picking him up, using soothing voices, and making him realize being picked up was not a bad thing before we got the first tail wag."

This sweet pooch should never have had to suffer like he did but it’s good to see that someone cared enough to show him what love really is.

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