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Owner believes excessive force used by Pennsylvania State Police who shot dog

Ace shot in his own yard by Pennsylvania State Police
Ace shot in his own yard by Pennsylvania State Police
Jeff Blitz

A Pennsylvania State Police officer shot and killed a family dog in it's own yard, WHTM News reported May 2.

Now the family wants it know their dog is dead due to excessive force being used by the Pennsylvania State Police, who came to the home Thursday.

Jeff Blitz lost his 7-year-old Rottweiler, Ace, after turning the dog loose in his yard while he was doing some work in his garage.

The Pennsylvania State Police was at the home to serve a warrant on Jeff's daughter, who no longer lives at the address.

According to Jeff, the officers shot his dog before knocking at his front door or identifying themselves. Ace, who is licenses with Lower Windsor Township, has never had any reports made against him.

After firing three shots at Ace, of which only one hit the dog in the side, the officer came to the garage to ask Jeff to calm down his dog. In an interview with WHTM News, Jeff responded

"The dog came around to me and he (the trooper) said 'you better calm down.' I said, 'calm down? You just killed my dog.'"

Jeff believes police used excessive force. Not only that, since Ace was hit in the side, it shows he wasn't advancing toward the officers.

Not only is it a tragedy know your dog was gunned down in it's own yard, it's upsetting to know the officer who shot Ace had two out of three bullet go wild in a residential neighborhood.

Trooper Rob Hicks, a state police spokesman, says the matter is being investigated to determine if the trooper used appropriate force.

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