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Owner admits to tying Xbox cord around husky puppy's neck causing severe injury

Barney, formerly known as Frost, was neglected and seriously injured just a few weeks ago. He is making a remarkable recovery.
Western PA Humane Society

The Humane Officers at the Western PA Humane Society and the Pittsburgh Police announced on Thursday they have found the owner of a Siberian husky brought to the organization on August 13. The dog was severely emaciated, neglected, and suffering from a one-inch deep laceration in his neck.

The dog was allegedly found on Race St. in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh and brought to the Western PA Humane Society wrapped in a plastic garbage bag by Don Miller, who at the time, claimed he found the suffering dog. Humane staff named the dog Barney.

According to, Miller, 20 of Bloomfield, has now been charged with two counts of animal cruelty. In addition to the deep laceration on Barney's neck, his coat was severely matted with feces; the puppy also suffered from urine burns to his paws. According to the organizaton's Executive Director David Janusek:

“He said he found it in Homewood, which was a complete fabrication. What led us to (suspect) him were the anonymous tips. He was incriminated by the public.”

In an interview with Miller, who is currently in the Allegheny County Jail on an unrelated charge, the dog's owner told authorities he had purchased, Frost, the now ten-month-old dog months ago in Lancaster County, but the dog was not house trained, and would defecate and urinate all over his apartment. Allegedly, when Miller returned home on August 12, the apartment was a mess, and because he couldn't find the dog's collar and was angry, tied the Xbox cord cable around the dog's neck.

By the next day, Barney had been so active, his pulling most likely created the deep laceration. Miller admitted to keeping the dog in a crate for long periods of time and withholding food and water as a punishment.

Barney is still recovering. Check on him, or adopt another great four-legged pal by clicking here.

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