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Own a Chi flat iron? Democrat Farouk Shami invented it and he's running for Texas Governor


  • Longtime Texan 6 years ago

    Religion is not a criterion for Governor of Texas; however credibility, consistence and honesty are. Farouk claimed to be Quaker, his family members (and former longtime mistress) say he is Muslim, and Farouk clarifies that he is Muslim Quaker (“Haven’t you heard that?”)

    Having attended Quaker School does not make Farouk a Quaker – maybe that is all what was available at the time (or even today) for quality education in Ramallah.
    • Wikipedia: “The Friends School currently serves as the School for the best and the brightest. It is well known to educate the children of Palestinian elites.”
    • King of Jordan had sent a personal greetings to Farouk Shami (a Quaker?) at the company international conference 2006 (Amman, Jordan) and 2008 (Cancun, Mexico)
    • Farouk is a member of, frequent guest speaker to, and honored by many Muslim organizations

    Shami: Muslim Media Network - At his Annual Ramadan Dinner (Quaker?)-

  • Longtime Texan 6 years ago

    Farouk Shami – Fact Check
    From "and founded a multi-billion dollar company that has created thousands of jobs for Texans.”

    Farouk claims to be a Billionaire; however he is NOT listed on Forbes List of Billionaires – with his ego, he definitely would make sure that he would be listed if he just could prove it.

    According to his claims, Farouk Systems is a (multi)billion dollar company with thousands of employees – However, Farouk has always counted his revenues in the following manner: Not what he sold to the distributors (his revenue) - or what the distributors sold to the salons - but what economic activity the salons created by selling and using his products.

    As to number of employees, Farouk has counted all the part-time educators (independent salon owners and hairdressers) who conduct training classes and work the beauty shows as his “employees”.

  • Longtime Texan 6 years ago

    Who is Farouk Shami?
    Are his public statements factual or is it all Beauty Show hype?

    Farouk in San Antonio (10/21/09): “I manage business in 106 countries, I have tens of thousands of employees, and we've brought billions of dollars to the state of Texas,” Shami said.

    Fact Check:
    • Farouk manufacturers the products and sells them to independent distributors (in US and overseas), who in return sell to the salons. He DOES NOT manage these companies. They are his CUSTOMERS.

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