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Owls enters Idaho apartment and kills pet canary

Don and Sue Sausser awoke on Sunday to find an unidentified species of owl in their 10th story apartment in downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho according to a CDA Press report. The owl gained entry to their apartment through the sliding glass door leading to the apartment balcony. The Saussers were disturbed to find bird dropping all through their apartment. Don spotted the owl behind a chest but the owl flew out the doorway, leaving feathers all through the apartment.

 A Little Owl sits on a fencepost in the rain on April 7, 2014 in Basingstoke, England.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Evening more disturbing was the sight in their wire birdcage. Evidently the owl somehow lifted the cage door with its beak, talons, or head, repositioned the water dish, and killed one of the canaries inside. The other canary was letting out loud, nervous chirps and was visibly shaken by the incident.

Beth Paragamian, an Idaho wildlife education specialist, said it was unusual for owls to fly so high in an area that did not have tall trees. She sent images to the Saussers so they could identify the owl’s species. While the Saussers will continue to leave the sliding glass door open, they will put twist-ties on the birdcage to deter the owl just in case he decides to return.

In 2007, ecologists discovered owls in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ornithologists have long-believed that the barred owls require old growth forests in order to survive. The owls must think differently, and most Charlotteans do not mind that the owls share their yards. There are so many owls that tagging and research is being conducted to study the 78 pairs of owls and their nesting habits.

Urban bats live under the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, while deer and skunks have also been seen in Northwest Austin. Coyotes wander into residential areas of Scottsdale, Arizona, and many sightings of wildlife in or near residential areas have been reported.

With the bizarre cold in the northeast and extreme heat in the southwest, who knows what critters may appear next.

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