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Owlet Care


If you are pregnant or are a parent and haven’t hear of SIDS…then you must be living under a rock. Seriously, everywhere you turn you hear about ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And along with the warning comes a laundry list of do’s and mostly DON’T. Don’t use a bumper, don’t put them on their stomachs, don’t don’t don’t. So why does SIDS occur? Well, we’re still not sure. But, it it’s scary non the less, especially to a new parent who’s already freaking out.

Nothing is more frustrating when your little one is sound asleep but you’re still staring at the monitor looking for the belly to be raising up and down. Can’t tell on that night vision camera so out of bed you pop to go put a hand on their bodies until you feel movements. Sometimes you even tickle to see them move. Breath a sign of relief only until a few minutes later you’ve realized you’ve actually woken them up. And you start the whole eat, play, sleep game again!

Well, finally someone has come out with a device to help calm your nerves. The OWLET is the first baby’s vitals monitor that goes on your babies foot and helps to monitor their heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep quality and will even alert you when they roll over. And, you get all this information right on your phone or on your computer. So even if you are out away you are always aware of what’s exactly going on.

The device itself is very small and comfortable. Our little test baby didn’t mind it at all when we put in on their foot and was able to sleep comfortably with it on. Plus, we love the fact it is washable.

They are accepting preorders now and will be available in November 2013. Don’t miss out on peace of mind and hopefully a good nights sleep for you.

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