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Owl Tree Healings returns to Los Angeles for the Edwardian Ball Saturday

Once upon a time, there was a Healing Owl who decided to leave her tree in San Francisco, to help bring some Gorey-esque cheer to Los Angeles with her tarot card readings. Before she left for the Los Angeles Edwardian Ball, a few friends dropped by to see her off and give her advice. Life in Los Angeles is so different than San Francisco.

Owl Tree Healings' Bonnie Duque prepares for the Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles on her Curious Sofa.
By Andrew Schmidt @

Before they sat down for a chat on her very own curious sofa, her friends felt a shudder of nameless apprehension. They heard that Smaug was a problem in Los Angeles. They implored her not to get in a Los Angeles taxi-cab. And not to eat grapes in the park or play intriguing games of charades.

The Owl Tree Healings lady, Bonnie Duque, could not be deterred. She is flying down to Los Angeles to be part of the Edwardian Ball at the Fonda Theatre. Hurry in and sign up quickly if you want to get a 15-20 minute reading on a single subject.

SATURDAY, FEB. 8, 2014 (8 p.m.-2 a.m.): The Edwardian Ball Los Angeles is at The Fonda Theater, 6126 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles. Tickets are $40-$95. Only general admission tickets are left. Visit the Edwardian Ball official website to buy tickets.

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