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Owl City at the Cabooze


photo by Pamela Littky

Synth-sensation, Owl City, is on its fall tour and is making its way to its home state of Minnesota. Owl City is out promoting its current release 'Ocean Eyes', which has already nearing a 100,000 copies sold.

Owl City will be making their way to Minneapolis at the Cabooze this Saturday. Along with every show on this current tour, it has been sold out in advance. So if you have not already picked up your tickets, you are out of luck. However, you can still catch Owl City on the airwaves, as the Top40 and alternative radio stations have been giving Owl City more air time.

Infomation on this Saturday's show

September 26th, 2009

The Cabooze

917 Cedar Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

Doors at  6pm All Ages

Also playing Kate Havenik and Unicorn Kid

Purchase 'Ocean Eyes' here at

For more info: