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Overwhelming fundraising campaign in Calgary to find husky dog's abuser

Who killed a Siberian Husky and kitten and taped their faces with tape?
Vets To Go

Just five days ago, Vets To Go, a Cochrane veterinarian organization in Alberta, pledged a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit who starved a young Siberian Husky and taped his muzzle shut with clear medical tape reported ctvnews.

The emaciated body of the dog was found by a neighbor near the 200 block of 99 Ave. SE on Jan. 9. Last Thursday, the body of a six-month-old black and white kitten was found in the same area with green painters' tape covering her mouth and nose.

Authorities state both cases were intentional acts of animal cruelty and that both animals suffered extremely painful deaths.

The Calgary Abuse Fund has already raised nearly $60,000 in total contributions.

On Monday afternoon, the Facebook page of Vets To Go announced:

"Animal lovers and pet owners are standing up and showing WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANIMAL CRUELTY ANYMORE...Not only are we going to catch the monster that killed the 2 animals in Calgary, we are going to do everything we can to focus on strengthening Canadian law around animal abuse, and ensure that the court system knows how enraged Canadians are that fines and punishments being given are NOT sufficient.

People are sick of watching people be let off with slaps on the wrist when committing horrible and evil acts against animals."

Chief Medical Director of Vets To Go, Dr. Wendy McClelland stated the contributors of the immense amount of money raised will be asked on the site what to do with all of the money since it far exceeds all expectations.

"As the campaign becomes more successful, this will also allow us to build funds to use for the strengthening and increased enforcement of the Canadian laws around animal abuse and cruelty.

It goes without saying that the laws in Canada, and how they're upheld, are wholly inadequate and offensive to every pet owner and animal lover. Our mission is to bring change to the Canadian legal system, so that those who undertake these types of horrific and active abuse face serious penalties and lengthy jail sentences. We're tired of seeing animal abusers let off as though they've been speeding or jaywalking. It's time for animal abusers to be held properly accountable."

The person(s) found responsible for this reprehensible animal cruelty faces a maximum punishment of five years in prison, a $20,000 fine and a lifetime ban on owning or keeping any animals. How often, however are the maximum punishments ever given to convicted animal abusers?

The Calgary Humane Society is still trying to identify the Siberian Husky and hope the public will continue to supply the needed information to both identify the two-year-old dog and the culprit who inflicted such cruelty upon an innocent animal.

Anyone who recognizes the dog or has any information on the owner of this dog are strongly encouraged to contact the Calgary Humane Society Protection and Investigations Department at 403-205-4455.

WARNING graphic content: for images of the deceased dog.

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