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Overtone Industries' ICELAND to be Performed at REDCAT From July 24 to July 26

Promotion for ICELAND
Promotion for ICELAND
Barbara Balch

REDCAT's 11th Annual New Original Works Festival will feature the first half hour of O-Lan Jones and Emmett Tinley's new experimental theatre piece, ICELAND, an event that looks to be one of the ultimate viewing experiences of the summer.

Jones, the Artistic Director for Overtone Industries, and Tinley, an acclaimed singer-songwriter, have partnered up to create a story of mythical proportions for the modern day audience. ICELAND tells the story of Vala, who is on a trip to northern Iceland, in search of a change of pace. When she has to escape her plane by parachute, she lands in a surreal, fantastical world not of the modern landscape into which she was born. Vala is searched for by Mundur, a clerk who happened to be at the airport where Vala first began her journey. The two proceed through the archetypal heroine and hero's journey, through abstract and realistic spaces and times, looking for each other and for the end of their journeys.

ICELAND is comprised of twenty cast members, twelve chorus singers, and a chamber orchestra, all of whom contribute to the unconventional presentation of the story, which was directed, written, and composed by O-Lan Jones, who has become a legend on stage, as well as on screen. She has appeared in classic films like Edward Scissorhands and on celebrated television shows, including Seinfeld and The X-Files.

Jones's ICELAND collaborator, Tinley, has worked not only with The Prayer Boat as their frontman, but has also pursued a solo career, winning the 2005 Choice Music Prize (Irish Mercury Prize) for Best Irish Album. His creative, moving sounds will perfectly complement Jones's exceptional directing eye in ICELAND. Jones and Tinley are supported by Music Director John Ballinger, who has toured with renowned artists like Rufus Wainwright, as well as having worked on productions like Dancing With the Stars. These three individuals' distinct aesthetics will shine through, interwoven, to the eye of the audience experiencing ICELAND.

Vala will be played by Cesili Williams, the actress known for her role as Celie in The Color Purple The Musical, as well as her recurring role on the American sitcom HOT in Cleveland. She has received multiple award nominations for her contributions to theatrical shows and television, and will be bringing her talent and versatile acting abilities to ICELAND alongside her co-star, David O. O has worked as an award-winning composer and music director for many years, appearing at REDCAT as a soloist for the first time this year.

Those interested in purchasing tickets for ICELAND should visit the REDCAT NOW 2014 site. Overtone Industries can be contacted through their Facebook page or via Twitter, as well as on their main website.

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