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Oversight Committee releases report regarding IRS Targeting

IRS Scandal
IRS Scandal

On March 11, 2014 the Committee on Oversight and Government reform of the U.S. House of Representatives released a staff report on their finds of an investigation into IRS targeting.

For those that haven’t read it, it is incumbent as a patriot to see with your own eyes and Congress’s own words the type and extent of corruption within our government. The same government that works (our employees), for and is paid with our money. This report isn’t conspiracy theory; it is actual facts via emails between Lois Lerner and various other government employees all the way up to the DOJ which very well could be with the knowledge of Eric Holder and even the White House. Along with the emails are numerous testimonies of witnesses that didn’t plea the 5th. as did Lois Lerner. The question is raised after reading this report is why are there no indictments? Answer being is indictments put more into public record than just one Congressional report which further broadens the odds of media coverage. More media coverage and wide spread knowledge of the contents of this report would cause great civil unrest. And they the powers that be fear a populous on the same page on an issue and if that issue is those we trust to represent us and are paid by us are literally stealing our rights and freedoms. We are being robbed blind by our employees and this report should be a call for us to clean shop across the entire Federal board.

On page 94 there is a clear concern by our Democrat biased employees who are our unclaimed entitlement recipients’ clearly are concerned that the Senate may lose it’s Democratic majority and they call for the targeting of groups that fund conservative candidates with government agencies like the IRS in an effort to harass and intimidate. They went after groups like; Americans for Prosperity, King Street Patriots, Crossroads GPS, 60 Plus and True the Vote. They are clearly conspiring to fix Senate elections and mute conservative group’s rights to assemble and exercise free speech. This should be appalling to all American’s regardless of their political leaning. As Catherine Engelbrecht founder of King Street Patriots and True the Vote said, “The weaponization of Government.”

This report needs to be read by the masses and spread by word of mouth to all the rest. It’s the smoking gun caught red handed proof of abuse of power given to our employees and financed by us. The same hand that giveth needs to be the same hand that taketh. To read and see for yourself click this link, Take our country back.

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