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Have you moved recently or has someone you know well moved? Well, if you want the right fresh, new look for your decorating input, wearing the right outfit might be considered to be essential for getting the decorating job done well. If you take a look at our model, she's dressed for the occasion as she makes some decisions about how to create a look for her new Chicagoland home that will be perfect.

You might want a pair of Levi's if your legs are skinny enough and you're looking for crops, but you might want something more subtle that won't accentuate your legs too much if your legs aren't skinny enough to fit well in their low rise, skinny crops. Take a look at what you have in your closet. There might be something there that will mix and match with a new jacket or a borrowed one with a smart, lively pattern, like the one in the photo.

For you guys, if you're determined to stick with blue jeans and a lively colored top with a zany jacket, go for it! Your favorite friend, who might be your girlfriend, might like such a look especially well. If she does, entice her a little with the right stylish attitude. Bright colors and polo shirts are in with Ralph Lauren's spring creations, and if you don't like that, a lot of the most stylish 20 something people are frequenting Target these days. You might even find the pants style that suits you, if it's in your budget to get something expensive but worth it. Take a look at Silver Jeans Co. in the Chicagoland area. If Schaumburg is a place that you frequently shop, look for what Silver Jeans Co. has that's new there.

So, even though we are recovering from the latest snowstorm with the less frigid weather we are having now, the Chicagoland area has spring fashions that are cheerful and cool. Though you may have what you think you need for the upcoming season, if you want to impress instead of devastate, take a look at what's retro in the stores that are local. See what you can find that isn't your idea of too pricey and celebrate the coming of spring soon!!

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