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Overpasses for America calls for display of American pride on June 14

Overpasses for America calls for national unity on Flag Day, June 14
Overpasses for America calls for national unity on Flag Day, June 14

On June 14, Overpasses For America, for one day, will be putting down their protest signs and creating the largest display in history of American flags from coast to coast in honor of Flag Day.

Overpasses leaders are asking their members to voluntarily put down their signs for June 14th and bring nothing but American flags for this event. Any American flag will be welcomed. It is not a requirement for them to do so, but a request. Some groups will continue business as usual displaying their signs as has been the case since July, 2013.

Whether it be the current standard of 50 stars, the 13 star Betsy Ross flag, or any other American flag from history such as Armed Forces flags, as long as it is a patriotic display of support for America, any American flag will suffice.

Overpasses is calling for this nationwide one day event to be entirely non-partisan, and asks that all Americans put aside their differences for this display of American pride.

If signs or banners are brought, it is asked that they only say three simple words, HONK FOR AMERICA. Overpasses For America Founder James Neighbors emphasizes that this is not a requirement, and if you do not own a flag, to come anyway because there are always extra flags to be passed around.

Overpasses National Administrator Dallas Thurman, emphasizes the need for American unity, and asks that all Americans who love this nation to come to this event to prove to the world, that despite our differences, Americans can stand together for the nation.

The flag for America knows no political party, has no partisan view of politics and the leaders of Overpasses For America would like to see this one day truce and show of patriotism light a spark in people all across the nation, so that we can stand together for the good of the country.

Neighbors also noted that June 13th is the first year anniversary of the founding of Overpasses For America. Members across the nation have expressed great pride in being part of this grassroots movement, and being a part of Overpasses as it reaches this landmark date for the organization.

Flag Day, June 14th, 2014. All Americans should attend, and join in showing a day of national unity and America pride.

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