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Overpasses and Operation American Spring demand accountability from Washington

Overpasses for America and Operation American Spring protest Washington D.C.
Overpasses for America and Operation American Spring protest Washington D.C.
Overpasses for America

Americans from across the nation will converge on Washington D.C. for an mass protest demanding the immediate resignation of President Barack Obama and other politicians including Democrat Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid and former speaker and Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The movement known as Operation American Spring (OAS) will commence on May 16th led by Colonel Harry Riley, a 31 year Army veteran. Riley has called for millions of Americans to go to Washington D.C. and stay as long as possible for this event. Riley has not scheduled an end date for Operation American Spring, and believes the pressure of mass numbers of citizens will force Congress' hand to begin the process of returning America to a Constitutionally governed nation.

Colonel Riley and Operation American Spring will be joined by Overpasses For America members who have plans to hold protests on the overpasses on the beltway surrounding Washington D.C. and coast to coast in all 50 states to alert the nation of the protest in the nation's capitol. OAS and Overpasses founders Colonel Riley and James Neighbors will be at the Washington Monument which will be the main rally point for the protest, and where they will be speaking to members of the media who wish to cover the event.

Riley is expecting a massive turnout, and has stressed the need for Americans of all walks of life to come to this event to express their feelings about the direction the nation is heading, and to speak out against it. He has emphatically stated that this is a peaceful protest, and that OAS is not advocating any violence nor bringing firearms to the protest.

Riley and Neighbors are asking Congress to look past their actions of the past, and look to the future of the nation, and act in the best interests of the nation, and begin the task of ending the rampant corruption and non-stop unconstitutional acts and laws. Both believe that this nation can be repaired and restored to the intention of the Founding Fathers, but it will take the members of Congress to stop doing business as usual and to begin doing their duties according to their oath to the Constitution.

Overpasses For America and Operation American Spring both came into existence due to the the majority of Congress violating their oath of office, which is an offense that can by law, have them removed from office. Members of both organizations recognize that multiple members of Congress and those in the White House have committed acts so grievous that they could clearly be defined as Treason, which has extremely strong penalties if a conviction of such a charge were to ever occur.

Both organizations hope that the members of Congress who have not committed such heinous offenses against the nation will act in swiftness in seeking justice and take measures to remove the guilty members of Congress from their positions so the nation can begin the process of healing.

Operation American Spring and Overpasses For America volunteers are planning on remaining in the Washington D.C. area and holding protests until Congress acts on the Articles of Impeachment which were delivered in late April, along with a redress of grievances against the government.

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