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Overlook and following the streams

Gulf Branch Nature Center and local neighborhood
Gulf Branch Nature Center and local neighborhood
Google Earth screen capture

Having developed an obsession about local streams, I have been studying their origin and following them through neighborhoods. Workman are digging around various roads these days, and it has to do with putting in new pipes to route the streams that were once visible in Arlington, Virginia. It would be much more beautiful if we restored more of them to their natural state with some consideration for flood control.

Weather watch
Manuela Costescu

Another obsession for outdoors people is to watch the weather and to be aware that it can change quickly this time of year. It is hurricane season too.

Falls Church artist, Manuela Costescu painted a fun picture in her unique style that depicts the weather (and probably more). That is today’s picture post. You can see her work at Falls Church Arts Gallery.

The slideshow today captures some images from my exploration. The various overlooks along the Potomac establish the context for illustrating the enormity of our very large river.

The runs and streams that feed the Potomac are fed by underground springs. When we treat these water sources with respect, the entire ecological system benefits. When we bury streams, fish can’t live there as they once did. Animals don’t have proper access either. When we pollute with all of our various forms, it just makes the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay sink further from having a chance to recover.

People still boat, fish, and play along these waterways, and yet we must be concerned about how healthy that has become.

If we want property values to continue to increase over time, we should be concerned about cleaning up and improving our waterways. Restoring the natural habitat wherever we can will improve our quality of life.

There is so much more to learn about our neighborhood, including the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Many of our streams and runs enter the Potomac along the parkway.

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