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Overeating serves an important purpose

Let’s face it the habit of overeating is not because you love to eat. We all have certain foods we love the taste of but to overeat means the mind body is working overtime to deal with some up-front-and-personal issues going on in your life right this very minute that you may be either in denial about or unable to cope with.

Can we begin this by saying it’s not your fault Whatever may be going on in your life has you on overload, it can be an experience that is ongoing that currently you are unable to do anything about because of your current situation requires you to be living or working in the situation you are. The mind is a terrible thing to waste or to at least not acknowledge. It is only when you are far down the dead end street to your life that you wake up and smell the coffee that has been burning around you for some time now. Unfortunately for most people the dilemma of overeating is not recognized as a symptom of current problems looming overhead until the burden f the extra weight you carry has become an issue and the problems are past you and have been resolved.

So what is an over eater supposed to do Overeating can hit anyone of us at any time. It’s like being in the poor house or getting cancer. Overeating the leads to being overweight is something we don’t want to ever happen to us, and we tend to avoid the ‘poor and overweight’ like it is death himself on the street.

Sooner more than later life requires you to do something about the issues in your life. Talking only goes so far and action is the only answer. Your action, for we all should know at this point on the mindfully awareness gameboard that it is us who must change for we cannot, simply cannot make others change. Waiting for others to change is like waiting on the person in Walmart layaway to get to you at Christmas, it may not ever happen, because you may have to go to the restroom, get something to eat, your child will get restless while waiting, life goes on.

Others pointing on your eating issues only exacerbates how you already feel about yourself, poorly. People are not given the tools to realize in life that the eating is a symptom. But those unmeaning people, friends, family even strangers are the universes way of waving the red flag at you that something is amiss in your life. Messages come to us in many forms and that is the most painful way, but when the helicopter and the three boats have passed you by and you still didn’t reach out to let the help come to you when it was offered, now the universe is going to go and get the hammer to wake you up.

What can you do about your problems It depends on what the problems are. Boredom, get a hobby, get outside, meet new people, make new friends. If it’s your job or living situation, change it. Leave it, get a new one, set goals, and work hard to make them come true. For most people live with others in their life who abuse them mentally and physically and it becomes a way of life, even after they leave their childhood home.

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