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Tomorrow I'll be interviewing Barbara Wicker, the head librarian at Hyde Park's branch of the Boston Public Library.  I'm looking forward to Barbara with a bit of relish.  Libraries are among my favorite places. The worst that can happen there is a shush or a small fine for an overdue book, but the best that can happen: I might discover a new world, someplace I never knew existed that makes life exciting and adventurous.  

Sometimes I think libraries might be going the way of the dinosaur, what with so much info available at your fingertips on your own desktop, but they're still with us and if you've gone into the Hyde Park branch lately, you'll see there's not much chance that this one will become extinct.  It's always buzzing.   We'll see how Barbara does it!

And I'd better get my videos back there tonight or she's going to scold me.


  • Candelaria 6 years ago

    Libraries aren't going any where - people need community and the library provides particularly since so many of them have become friendlier places. They have computers, DVDs, books, helpful people and have relaxed the fines for late books. You can now renew books via phone or computer. And it's free because we pay taxes for them.
    I've joined the friends group at my library (and belonged in the other neighborhoods in which I lived) because I believe in these institutions.