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Overcoming water retention

Water retention, also known as edema, occurs when the body accumulates excess fluids. This accumulation leads to swelling and other symptoms, such as bloating and puffiness, throughout the body or localized to one area. In most cases, water retention is not associated with other underlying health conditions, instead it can be related to diet, hormonal changes, lifestyle or a side effect of a medication you are taking.

Water makes up about two-thirds of the body and is an integral component in helping us to survive. Our body is designed to maintain a balance of water fluid levels in a process known as osmoregulation. When this process fails the accumulation of excess fluids occurs leading to symptoms of water retention.

The most commonly affected areas of the body are the feet, ankles, legs, hands and arms in which the water retention leads to swelling, bloating or puffiness. In most cases these symptoms can affect the movement of the limbs by causing stiffness, aches, pains and difficulty moving or walking as well as weight fluctuations.

In many cases, water retention is not a cause for concern and can disappear naturally with lifestyle changes or natural remedies. There are also prescription options known as “water pills” that can alleviate the accumulation of fluids, but they are not recommended as they are used to treat many other health conditions and work in a variety of ways.

Therefore, the best option in treating mild to moderate water retention normally associated with the menstrual cycle, diet or other lifestyle conditions is through natural remedies. One natural supplement expelis is a beneficial alternative as it contains natural ingredients with fewer side effects. The supplement works by encouraging the body to remove the excess fluids via urination and results may be seen within a few days.

These natural diuretic supplements come in many different forms such as pill, powder or liquid and are taken daily until the symptoms subside. When choosing the right supplement for you there are certain ingredients to look for in order to receive the best results. Taraxacum Officinale Leafe Extract, Uva Ursa Leaf, Buchu Leaf and Juniper Berry all have diuretic properties that help to reduce water retention and bloating.

They encourage the excretion of urine, while Buchu Leaf also promotes perspiration. This perspiration increases the amount of excess water your body excretes, allowing you to discard the excess fluids in natural ways while allowing your body to maintain important electrolytes. Prescription diuretics can remove these electrolytes from the body; therefore, it is important to choose a supplement with natural ingredients with diuretic properties, but which also help to balance electrolytes.

A supplement such as, Expelis, is a particularly good option as it contains the essential ingredients that cleanse the body of excess fluids while promoting good bladder health. Expelis not only relieves symptoms related to water retention, but it helps to maintain healthy electrolyte levels and it’s facility is inspected by the FDA for quality assurance. As always it is recommended you speak with your doctor before beginning a natural supplement of any kind.

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