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Overcoming the problems of life's snow storms with a strong spiritual house

As I have been watching the television news programs describing the enormous problems that the terrible snow storms across the country are causing people, I have been thinking of the similarities between traveling in a snow storm and living a Christian life in our modern society.

Just like the way that wind-driven snow bombards people and their cars causing them great problems; so also there are many things in our modern society that bombard Christians in such a way as to try to distract them away from following God’s principles for living found in the Bible as they go through their daily activities.

The biggest of those distractions comes from the way that the entertainment and advertising industries bombard people with the worldly values system that is mostly based on greed, power, control, ungodly temptations, and demonic deceptions.

As Christians get bombarded with those values, which are contrary to God’s values; they need to use the renewing power of the Holy Spirit to get rid of those distractions in the same way that windshield wipers clear the falling snow off the car’s windshield so you can see where you are going.

Sometimes Christians may think that they are traveling in a snow storm when they become bombarded with various teachings from either other religions or secular philosophies which greatly contradict the teachings of God found in the Bible.

When that happens, then Christians need to use the insight of the Holy Spirit and their knowledge of God’s teachings found in the Bible to overcome the confusion caused by the foreign teachings. If the confusion is too big for the Christians to immediately handle, then they should excuse themselves from the situation and go ask their Christian pastor or a Christian scholar to help them clear up the confusing teaching.

A third way that some Christians may feel like they are traveling in a snow storm is when they are facing great ridicule from their friends for not getting involved in some activities that are breaking God’s rules. In order to keep from getting in situations like that, the Christians need to find better friends who will live by God’s principles for living, rather than delight in breaking them.

A fourth way that Christians can think that they are traveling in a snow storm is when they get bombarded by deceptions and fleshly temptations from the spiritual forces of the Devil. When this happens Christians should listen to the inner alarm messages coming from the Holy Spirit telling them about what is happening and what to do about it.

When Christians get bombarded by demonic deceptions or fleshly temptations they need to realize what is happening, bind the attacking spiritual forces of darkness in Jesus’ name, and use the power of the Holy Spirit to throw the demonic forces into the abyss/lake of fire.

Just like the best way to overcome the problems of driving in a physical snow storm and arrive safely at your destination is having a good vehicle equipped with good traction tires and having a skilled driver that knows how to overcome the problems of the snow storm; so also the best way for Christians to overcome the snow storm of living in modern society is to have a strong spiritual house that is built on the strong foundation of having a personal relationship to God through having Jesus Christ as their personal Savior as well as having a good working knowledge of God’s principles of living as the basis for their beliefs and actions.

As Christians have their spiritual house built on those things and use the power of the Holy Spirit to live according to God’s principles, then they will be able to overcome the many kinds of storms that will come against them during the rest of their journey of life and successfully reach their destination in Heaven, where they will live with Jesus forever!

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