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Overcoming the fallacy of the unimportant person

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St. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 1:26-31, speaks of the Love of God for those rejected by the world. For St. Paul, Jesus Christ is the hope, and the sign, of God's Love for the worldly Crucified.

For the world seeks to Crucify its own fears of mortality, weakness, limitations, and death.

This worldly Crucifixion through fear has many victims. Unborn babies are Crucified through abortion in the fear, and the greed, which seeks to avoid responsibility, and maintain comfort at all costs. Planned Parenthood, and the devil's minions in Pro-Choice politicians and cafeteria Catholics/Christians, support and perform this mass genocide. Euthanized elderly, and developmentally disabled persons are included in this diabolical massacre as American culture has wholly turned to idolatry in secularism, progressivism, relativism, hedonism, materialism, consumerism, and utilitarianism.

The only 'ism' our society deems worthy of destroying is Catholicism and patriotism.

Without an actual physical murder, our pop culture kills many a soul through false advertisement, main-stream-media lies, and the seductive myths of pop culture. Premarital sex is sold as normal fun. Contraception is sold as normal preventative maintenance against the dis-ease of pregnancy--and parenthood. Homosexuality is sold as a normal alternative--to include 'marriage.' Marijuana is sold as a simple sip of wine. Illegal immigration is justified as a 'humanitarian crisis.' Class warfare is sold as justice. Socialism is sold as responsible, compassionate government. Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are sold American Patriots.

On the flip side, Catholicism is sold as repressive and antiquated. Patriotism is sold as 'redneck' and extremist. Traditional family values are sold as primitive and unevolved. Morality is sold as subjective. But the truth is that Christianity comes with Christ, Catholicism being the fullness of this Universal Truth. Patriotism comes with national security and social peace. Traditional values come with healthy, whole families, and a national ethic built on sound reason.

Anything else devalues human dignity and sets up slavery, genocide, and a culture of death. The very path our once great nation is currently on.