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Overcoming fear today

Fear is soul destroying. It clouds your thinking, causes your body to break down, even changes your personality. You push people away, feel attacked when people ask you a question, run from those closest to you, and lash out at your support structure. Fear is a terrible emotion, but like any emotion, fear is an external process, a perception at best, ungrounded, in reality unable to actually inflict any harm on you.

What you fear (a snake, spider, lion, car crash) can most certainly harm you, but fear itself, is simply an emotional response to a perceived event. You perceive an event to be dangerous, you perceive and respond to your perception.

Not to over simplify and or reduce anxiety to a non entity, but anxiety finds its root in fear. Fear is an emotional response to an external "trigger" or stimulus. If you are able to logically break down fear into its elements, and thereby reduce the collective power of the stimulus, you will be in a much better position to manage and even conquer fear.

Life coaches are wonderfully equipped to help you deal with these destructive emotions without medical assistance. Life coaches can help you manage the symptoms, plan a solution and coach you into your destiny. To simply the biblical approach to fear, we use one word. Love.

Love overcomes fear. Love is the key to unlocking your destiny. A Christian life coach will use 'love' in the approach and execution of your personal plan to overcome fear. Rest assured, fear is real. Overcoming fear takes time, patience and help. It is not something I would recommend you attempt without professional assistance. That said, you can attempt medical drugs, but the fear will still be there when the drugs wear off. Learn to replace the fear. Get a plan, execute the plan and live your life free of fear.

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