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Overcoming fear of vector borne diseases!

As travel increases worldwide, many are increasingly becoming afraid of contracting vector-borne diseases, especially if they have no idea of what should be done in the event they are bitten or stung by a disease carrying insect. Apart from mosquitoes and ticks, many will admit they do not know much about vector borne diseases. In today's world we cannot afford to be ignorant about this topic. I came upon a site that I want to share with you. It is the official site of the Purdue University program in Vector Biology and Vector-Borne Diseases. Among other things the site gives details about insects such as: mosquitoes, ticks, lice bed bugs, fleas, horse and deer flies, stinging insects, black flies, and biting midges.

West Nile Virus
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

I also want to highlight an opportunity that will be of great interest to our young scientists in schools here in the United States and around the world:-The offer goes out to seventh graders or teachers of seventh graders. Now they can take a virtual field trip to Purdue to meet with Medical Entomologists working on ticks and tick-borne diseases. They can check out the Purdue ziptrips seventh grade show here.

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