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Overcome summer boredom: 40 fun activities for kids

Indoor activities for kids-slide0
Robin Craig

Kids can find endless ways to entertain themselves outdoors, but some days outdoor play isn't an option. If you find yourself stuck inside, pestered with cries of "I'm bored", encourage your kids to liven up their day with these fun ideas. Most ideas don't require adult assistance.

Science at home
Robin Craig

1. Build a fort- It can be as easy as throwing a sheet over a table, and letting the kids set up their lair underneath.
2. Write a book
3. Make a pet rock
4. Have a dance party
5. Have a fashion show
6. Write a letter to friends, out of town family members, the president, their teacher.
7. Draw/Color- YouTube has lots of great "How to" drawing videos if your kids claim they can't draw
8. Cardboard boxes- Make a robot costume, bean bag toss, club house, garage for toy cars, a dollhouse and so much more!
9. Make a movie
10. Science experiments- Even simple experiments like Mentos in Diet Coke, or Baking Soda in vinegar are great fun for kids.
11. Play board games
12. Invite your child's friends over. They'll entertain each other.
13. Read- Have "reading time" where family members sit together and read their own books, or read something together.
14. Go on a scavenger hunt- Bonus points if you add missing items to the list, like the remote control.
15. Pretend the floor is hot touch it, YOU DIE!
16. Play Simon Says
17. Cook/Bake something together- Kids love to sprinkle cheese on a pizza, flip pancakes, and stir batters.
18. Make up a Song
19. Create a holiday that only your family celebrates- Let the kids name the holiday and dream up some fun traditions.
20. Play board games
21. Crafts- Set out some markers, paper, scissors, and glue and let your kids dream something up.
22. Legos- Everyone can work together to make a town, or have everyone make an animal for a Lego zoo.
23. Make a photo album or collage- Print copies of family photos, or photos of the kids with their friends to use.
24. Make a time capsule.
25. Put together a puzzle- Let the kids pick it out.
26. Hide and Seek
27. Watch a movie
28. Start a band- Don't have any instruments? Make some!
29. Sock ball fight!
30. Word games- Hangman/Crossword puzzle/Word search
31. Blow bubbles in the bathtub
32. Play restaurant- Let the kids make menus, give them your order, and let them serve you.
33. Play-Doh
34. Teach new skills- Use the summer to teach your children to make their own lunches, do the dishes, etc...
35. Play dress up
36. Cards- Go Fish, Speed, Old Maid, Crazy 8s, I doubt it are all great for kids
37. Put on a puppet show or play-Encourage kids to make sets, costumes, or puppets, and write a script before performing.
38. Play store- Have the kids set it up and create the money you'll "spend" at their store. That'll keep them busy for awhile!
39. Room redecorating- They can color make posters for the walls, color their lampshade with markers, etc...
40. Have a tea party

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