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Over protective parents

Becoming a parent is the most rewarding and the hardest job there is. A job that comes with stress, worry, pain and sometimes heartache. A job that also comes with delight, passion, reward and most of all happiness.

I am the definition of over protective. Until recently I made my six year old wear a helmet on the swing set. Many see over protective as a bad thing, I don't. I see nothing wrong with caring to much. We work and work every day to make sure our children are happy, healthy and well cared for. Every scenerio possible pops into my head the moment my children walk out of the door. From them tripping down the stairs to the possibility of a vehichle accident on the way to school. It's hard living with a heart and a mind like that. It's also the best thing my children could hope for. A parent who cares so much that they would give an arm just to make sure they were safe at all times. I get a lot of heck for being the way that I am. Pretty much everyone who knows me knows it's probably to much dealing with me to take my kids. That's okay because when they are with me I know they are safe. When they are with people I trust, in my heart I know they are safe but in my head the stress never ends. I had someone tell me recently that they thought I was a great parent but I was crazy for always thinking that something bad was going to happen. They think I'm crazy but you should try being me and my mind. I think I am going crazy sometimes. I know that it only takes a second for something innocent to end badly.

I have also been told that I smother them so much they are going to leap for freedom when they are old enough. Maybe so but it won't be because I did something wrong. It will be because they chose to make the wrong choices but I am a true believer that if you teach children correctly MOST of the time they do the right things, not always but mostly. You teach them to make the right choices and in the end, it's up to them to do so. You would rather be the parent that tried to hard rather than the one who didn't try hard enough. Remeber next time someone says that you are over protective, thank them. It's a compliment. You have never heard of someone suggesting that someone else was a bad parent because they loved to much.

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