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Over one thousand dog deaths due to treats

Over one thousand dog deaths due to treats
Over one thousand dog deaths due to treats
Food Safety News

Being reported today, May 20, 2014 in Food Safety News and confirmed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there have now been over one thousand dog deaths "potentially" due to unhealthy commercial dog treats.

Though we usually concentrate on "green" and "organic" foods for the health of our families, the fact of the matter is, dogs are our pets and our pets are apart of our families. What is going on within the pet food community is criminal and though the USDA is investigating the deaths, they are being quite secretive about it. A perfect example of this is the fact the USDA will not say which brands are sickening the dogs. Luckily MSNBC did a little investigation and found that three of the brands are: Waggin’ Train or Canyon Creek Ranch jerky treats or tenders, both produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co., and Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats, produced by the Del Monte Corp. It should be noted here that these products have not been removed from store shelves!

According to the story being reported from Food Safety News, all the treats are of the jerky variety. The jerky treats are “commonly chicken or duck or jerky-wrapped treats, mostly imported from China,” FDA stated, adding that, “Pet owners should be aware that manufacturers do not need to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their products, so packages that do not state on the label that they are made in another country may still contain ingredients sourced from China or other countries that export to the U.S.”

If you happen to be a dog owner who enjoys giving your Fido treats, you should really avoid all store bought treats and start making your own. You can find many sites on the internet which specialize in "green" dog treats and in most larger metropolitan locations, there are even specialized pet bakeries.

Your dog (or any pet) is a member of your family. Keep the little critter happy and healthy!