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Over $7.2 million found in suitcases

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Authorities found $7.2 million packed in eight suitcases at a Panama airport reported CNN on January 16, 2014.

Responding to a tip that Honduran drug runners were transporting drug money from Honduras through the Tocumen International Airport in Panama, Panamanian police painstakingly searched every bag at the Tocumen airport.

The hard efforts of the Panamanian police were rewarded when they discovered $7.2 million stashed in secret compartments inside of eight suitcases. Authorities state that most of the money was in $100 bills. The recovery is the largest seizure that the Panamanian police have had in recent years.

The money is believed to belong to a drug cartel, but authorities have not disclosed which cartel.

Three Honduran nationals have been arrested.

Unsure how the suitcases alluded drug police and cleared security at the Toncontin International Airport in Honduras and embarrassed by the security lapse at the largest airport in Honduras, dozens of Honduran police officers have been suspended while authorities look for answers.