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Over 50 wonderful ways to do nature study in your homeschool

Have your child take nature photographs to post to National Geographic's Great Nature Project
Have your child take nature photographs to post to National Geographic's Great Nature Project
Rhiannon Bayer

Looking for some new ideas to incorporate nature study in your homeschool?

Nature study is such an important part of every homeschool education and it can also be one of the most enjoyable.

Here are over 50 wonderful ways to do nature studies with your kids that I've featured in my columns.

With insects:

With plants:

With crafts:

With nature journals:

In the summer:

In the fall:

In the winter:

In the spring:

By the month:

  • In August -- make a sunflower sundial, make sprinkler rainbows and more
  • In September -- harvest grapes, do leaf match-ups and more
  • In October -- make shrunken apple heads, take part in the Signs of Autumn Art/Nature Journal Study and more
  • In November -- make seed pod bird feeders, make fall weather predictions and more
  • In December -- make tabletop root gardens, make giant ice suncatchers and more
  • In January -- make maple syrup snow candy, start a weather tree and more
  • In February -- make colored water icicles, watch the bear cam and more
  • In March -- go maple syrup tapping, use a stethoscope to listen to the sap in trees and more
  • In May -- take part in the Great Sunflower project, read nature-themed chapter books, check out the loon cam and more
  • In June -- play bug BINGO, make cloud finder wheels, compare tomatoes and more
  • In July -- take part in a nature photo challenge, start a bug collection, do home remedy mythbusting, and more

Any time of year:

In the garden:

Through foraging:

With free nature magazines:

On web sites:

Of course, this is in addition to all of the usual fabulous ways to do nature studies -- go hiking, go to the zoo, visit a pet store, feed the birds, head to the beach, go for a walk, take apart a green pepper while prepping supper, and on and on...

Also see my Pinterest boards on these subjects:

Have fun!

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