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Ouya Teams Up With Wikipad For Ouya Everywhere

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Ouya which is a company that is specializing in TV games is trying to expand its market share. The company decided to team up with Wikipad as a way of trying to reach customers who prefer using mobile devices. This is what led to the company teaming up with Wikipad. Ouya refers these efforts as Ouya everywhere which is expanding on other consoles.

Wikipad is a device marketer who sells tablets that are specifically designed for video games. Julie Uhrman who is the chief executive officer of Ouya did not disclose the terms of the deal but she explained that they are in the effort of trying to make Ouya reach more people through their initiative by the name Ouya everywhere.

According to the chief executive officer, the deals that the company entered with Wikipad will help Ouya to expand its user base hence enabling the company to grow. Ouya started in the year 2012 where it was applied in Kickstarter which is a cloud funding site. The main purpose of Ouya in Kickstarter was to try and seek customers. The company had deals such as offering video game at $99 where it was offering the console to TV users who will like to play video games.

The device took a different turn where it was built using parts originating from a tablet and powered by Google’s android operating system. The company attracted attention from small developers, the Indies, where it developed into a big business worth $8.5 million when it was officially launched in 2013.

Since 2013 the company has been in several attempts to create devices and software that will work with its device. Up to date Ouya has not released specifications about its business. Facts such as how many consoles have been sold, profit made, revenue collected and its user base have not been released. Uhrman who is the chief executive officer of the company said that they are focused in increasing their growth rate and the process of partnership with other companies shows a good sign of growing their business.

Nowadays Ouya has partnered with retailers such as Target and amazon who help them in selling their consoles. The company sales two types of consoles which include their original console and a new version that is equipped with additional memory to store more games and apps.

Ouya is increasing game developers in their app store. Since the launch of the device in 2013 June, it has produced 178 games which are available to the customers and about 17,000 developers have signed up to develop software on the platform of Ouya. By 2013 October the company has developed about 500 games and registered about 25,000 developers. At present the company estimates about 900 games developed and a total of 37,000 developers have registered on their platform.

Some of the games that have been developed in Ouya have gained popularity where a game like TowerFall was released in other platforms such as in PC and Sony's PlayStation 4 in the beginning of this year. The company has also attracted other console game marketers such as Square Enix who released Final Fantasy III specifically for the device. From the chief executive officer they wish the company will have millions and millions of users.