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Outta Control dinner at Wonderworks

Inside the upside-down building of Wonderworks, enjoy a show with quirks that will make smirks.

Tony eats a balloon instead of pizza.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Tony Brent is Outta Control in Orlando, FL.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views

Munch pizza with or without pepperoni while laughing a Tony, a magician who is not a phoney.

Having fast hands for the tricks that he plans, he dresses up to amuse the littlest of fans.

You never know what costume he will exhume during the endless drinks and dinner you'll consume.

He might dress up like a hick, a long-haired chick, or any number of disguises that are pretty slick.

No matter your age, he just might pull you up on stage and dress you in a fashion that's all the rage.

If you get called up, don't say nope or stand there and mope. He might pull out an endless rope.

He might make things disappear, and mysteriously have them reappear nowhere near where

they should logically be. Watch the show, and you'll see that his magic's as good as his comedy.

The regular show on staff, be prepared to snort and laugh, as he's more unexpected than a giraffe.

Look quick and see a phantasm. He has a playful sarcasm that can make for a side-splitting spasm.

It's not that he has amazing jokes, but he knows how to play to folks and lure them into a hoax.

He is very much a show man, a grown boy like Peter Pan, and he is so skilled that he can

make even the most reluctant have fun. His magic will stun, and he may play guitar before he's done.

Music, magic and comedy is a triple threat. Will you have fun? You bet, but don't bring your cigarette.

This is a family show; although, they allow that endless beverage flow. Bring the kids when you go.

Adults can have wine or beer, kids get sugared up with pop here, and there's dessert, just to be clear.

This family from Atlanta, drove down as sleek as a manta to see Tony more regularly than Santa.

The eager teen chimes how he'd seen Tony's show about twenty times. First time on stage he climbs.

Tony was on the volunteer scout, so I pointed him out; Tony gave the boy and his dad a shout.

It's like a coming of age to be pulled up onto the stage, so volunteer someone near to engage.

Simply smile and point, or jump and point if in the back of the joint, and maybe you can help appoint.

It's always fun to be electing the unsuspecting; it can make for a smile when they're least expecting.

When I went, the day at Wonderworks was not spent, as it remained open for some time after the event.

We went to the show for dinner, then felt like a science beginner while wondering Wonderworks' inner.

Behind each door, there's more to explore with brain teasers filling up each upside-down floor.

Work off some dinner by climbing ropes and peering into lazer tag scopes. Step into bubbles of soaps.

You'll be glad you went to Wonderworks to see Tony Brent and his hilarious and jaw-dropping content

in the the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show, complete with pizza dough and endless cups of Merlot.

For more on Wonderworks in Orlando, FL, visit The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, visit and

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