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Outsourcing your job online: Get help with data entry, computer work and more

Outsourcing your job online: Get help with data entry, computer work and more
Outsourcing your job online: Get help with data entry, computer work and more
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Plenty of people who work in the corporate environment are workaholics. In certain instances, that’s how they made it that far up the corporate ladder in the first place, by putting in so much “face time” and hard work that they were rewarded for their efforts with a higher pay grade, larger office – and, unfortunately, extended work hours.

The temptation to squeeze extra work out of fewer employees is such a trend these days that it makes the news when companies like Quirky institute programs that force their employees to disconnect completely from their jobs for a week or two every year. However, there are ways to buck the trend of super-busyness and use the same resources that corporations have been using for years now in order to help individuals lighten their own loads.

The secret success of outsourcing: From the corporate to the personal level

The word “outsourcing” might sound like a dirty word to some, at least to those in the IT departments who saw their $100,000 salaries disappear when they were replaced with less expensive versions of themselves that were just as qualified from around the world. To others, outsourcing sounds like a blessing, and can be perhaps one of the best Internet technology deals around, if you know how to swing it and use the resources to your advantage. Using the same ideology that large firms used when they discovered they could cut their bottom lines by availing themselves of discounted resources, outsourcing can be a boon to workers within those companies or entrepreneurs as well – those looking to take a heavy workload off their own shoulders by hiring technical help.

Take for instance the website Data Entry Outsourced, where you can hire someone to do everything from massaging huge Excel spreadsheets in order to gain the insight you’re seeking to converting a file from a PDF version to a Microsoft Word document. They can be well worth the expense for a person staring down at more money than time. Instead of a tech guru spending their entire so-called vacation performing data entry rituals or running queries on SQL server databases, those tasks can be handed off to others who’ve been hired to handle exquisite technical details.

Hiring technical help in the face of technological ignorance

Let’s face it – it’s not always a lack of time that drives people onto Google searching for a way to accomplish a task that simply seems too technical to learn. Plenty of times it’s the actual lack of knowledge on how to accomplish many advanced computer undertakings that represents the barrier to moving to the next step for certain workers. I’m reminded of the story of one elderly lady who ended up leaving her job, much to the delight of her coworkers, because she didn’t want to take the time to learn the new system, and insisted on doing things the manual way they’d been done years ago – a much slower and more arduous process.

So instead of spinning your wheels or filling out forms ad nauseum, consider giving the individual outsourcing method a try.