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Outsourcing and American jobs: Quelling the controversy, getting good web deals

Outsourcing and American jobs: Quelling the controversy, getting good web deals
Outsourcing and American jobs: Quelling the controversy, getting good web deals
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Back in 2004, when this Internet Deals Examiner worked for a Fortune 500 firm in their Information Technology department, the buzz seemed to surround the new and foreign faces joining the company as developers, along with those unseen countenances a continent away being hired in droves. The term “outsourcing” had all of a sudden come to mean more than an easy and economical way to find valuable human resources from around the world that knew how to design and code applications using high level programming languages just as well as the next American guy or girl.

Corporations who outsourced jobs to foreign entities that were normally based in the United States all of a sudden became the alleged bad guys in the eyes of those who allowed fear mongering to get the best of them. Instead of initially viewing the benefits of this new world order, opponents viewed outsourcing companies as greedy and unpatriotic bloodsuckers who were benefitting from enormous tax breaks off the backs of American workers by firing them and replacing their positions with less expensive workers who weren’t born and bred in the USA.

Thankfully, 2014 has arrived. In the decade since the opening strains of facial changes became a controversial thing birthed in plenty of departments across the United States, many entrepreneurs and business leaders have learned to quit criticizing the paradigm shift and have instead sought to benefit from the best features that outsourcing has to offer these days.

Why outsourcing is one of the best web deals you can buy

It’s a common thing to pop the word “outsourcing” into Google News and uncover articles like this one from Forbes, warning against the most common outsourcing mistakes that entrepreneurs make, instead of blog post rants or opinion pieces railing against the evils of outsourced employees. Indeed, these days a displaced worker from corporate America might use their laid-off status to uncover their true passion and launch their own business instead. In the online world, it’s a common practice to read the testimonies of super successful web experts like Pat Flynn, who used his experience as a former architect to parlay it into a very prosperous Internet business.

Corporations like eBusiness BPO discover that the types of services they offer are in demand from folks who are jumping on board the “Choose Yourself” generation’s mantra of following their own bliss. The days of expecting to work for one company for 30 years and retire with a gold watch and nice pension seem like a distance memory in this era, when go-getters are learning they can enact their own visions by hiring outsourced help to create websites, act as inbound call centers for customer service help and much more.

Therefore, while its roots may have been birthed in controversy, global outsourcing has morphed into one of the most prominent shifts in the way to do business since Adam Smith’s “Division of Labor” concept knocked people out of their socks. It appears outsourcing will only grow more specialized and intense from this point forward, and those who hop on the fast-moving train won’t be left behind.